Sien Van Dycke

n ï m

Sien Van Dycke is part of the company n ï m since 2016. She developed and presented Sharing HOME in Vienna and Sharing HOME at CAB, such as other projects with Naïma Mazic and Lore Stessel.

Sien was born in Belgium, 1994. She started her dance training at the Royal Balletschool Antwerp at the age of nine and graduated in 2012. Her studies continued at P.A.R.T.S. and were completed in June 2016.

She has been a collaborator in several projects, such as Dawn of Marten Spangberg which was performed during Impulstanz 2016. She considers herself to be not only a performer but also a performance maker.

Due to her past studies, she considers the physical use of the body as a practice and stimulator for the mind. She has been exploring the potential within social participatory performance work, dealing with the idea that a work of art is not about the will or want of the maker but that of the spectator. Her most recent work is an eighteen hour video installation, Not To Spoil You.