Sebastian Simsa 

n ï m

Sebastian Simsa is part of the company n ï m since 2016. He has been developing and performing in Sharing HOME in Vienna and Sharing HOME at CAB.

Sebastian Simsa was born in 1988 in Vienna –Austria. He started playing drums at the age of 10 and later studied at the MUK (Private-University of Vienna for Music and Art) and the MDW (University for Music and Performing Arts of Vienna).

As musical diversity has always been very important to him he plays with very different bands as for example the “Klangzeug Orchester” a modern jazz-quartet, “Corcovado Salsa Club” a large salsa ensemble playing originals and arrangements, and “27Beats” a soul-funk band playing thoughtfully arranged versions of soul-classics and modern songs in that style.  Within the last years concerts for children and “young-audience” also got more important to him and he was co-author of an encyclopedia for children about drums and percussion instruments. As an active musician he played in many countries in Europe and also toured in China three times.