n ï m

n ï m

Choreographer/ Performer/ Dancer Naïma Mazic founded the Austrian association more2rhythm  and the international company n ï m in 2016.

The goal of the company n ï m is to be a stable team that keeps refining its tools and concepts and works on a long-term basis. Within the current culture of short-term project based performances, we want to create a space that allows us to constantly keep developing what we have established.  Our last arrival point will be our new starting point from which we can grow.

Born out of a desire for a deeper mutual understanding between dancers and musicians, contemporary dance & jazz music, n ï m aims  for a nuanced and complex language that can only grow with time and consistent work together. Nevertheless, the company is and always will be open for collaborations and exchange with other art disciplines.


1 Why is jazz music not more present in contemporary art?

2 What are the social, historical and artistic intersection points of dance and jazz music?

3 Can jazz music and contemporary dance work with each other without loosing their own distinct nature?

Sharing HOME at CAB © Lola Drubigny
Sharing HOME at CAB © Lola Drubigny

Grasping PoLy-Phonies

The word “nim” comes from the german verb nehmen– to take, learn, grasp.

As a company we focus not only on the interdisciplinary exchange between dance and music, but we want to take, learn and grasp from each other within different mediums, always concentrating on the resulting Polyphony of our distinct fields.

Therefore, most importantly, the quality of each discipline may not be compromised within the interdisciplinary context.