PoLy-Mirrors /a re-performance of feminine diagonals

PoLy-Mirrors concert/ jazzclub version 
Lucie Piot, Naïma Mazić, Felix Hauptmann & Evi Filippou
21st of November, 20:30 at Loft Cologne

Austrian Premiere from 13th-15th of January, 20:00 at brut nordwest Vienna

14th of January: Talk of the Artists after the Show


Press Review: 

Video Installation “PoLy-Mirrors” by Naïma Mazic & Alaa Alkurdi at brut 

Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar at SOUNDANCE FESTIVAL BERLIN, DOCK 11  & Bears in the Park Festival Vienna & Kultursommer Vienna 

HEAR & NOW*, danced Jazztunes

Naima’s dream, little steps- Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar

Naïma Mazic (l) & Golnar Shahyar (r)


mani froh


Cabaret Catatonique:
Dust to Dust

is composed of five musicians, a writer,a choreographer/dancer
and a visual artist

14.09. Volos, Palia Ilektriki Theater, Greece
15.09. Larisa, MPArt (Mill of Performing Arts), Greece
Supported by the Volos Festival & Mylos Performance Arts Larisa

with Naïma Mazic, Evi Filippou, Maria Filippou, Natalia Manta, Lara Alarcón, Felix Hauptmann, Robert Lucaciu and Argenté

Ensemble uBu  – Mutants of Music
with a piece by Naïma Mazic

Piano Trio & Dance

Shows September 2022
23.09. LAB Frankfurt
25.09. & 26.09. Tanzfaktur Cologne
30.09. Resonanzraum Hamburg

Choreographic / Movement Advise for Maria Coma VOCAL ROOTS



 Public Moves Workshop Of(f) Rhythm by Naïma Mazic / ImPulsTanz