Hear & Now* Playsession Vol4  

* for jazz/creative improvising musicians and dancers 

Dancer/ choreographer Naïma Mazic focusses on polyrhythmical communications between dancers and (jazz) musicians. Listening to bodies and sounds, bringing rhythmical tools and structural elements of jazzmusic into dance for improvising together. Accompanied by pianist and composer Simon Raab,  she will give an introduction workshop with methods and ideas that she has established with her n ï m company and is guiding the playful jamsession with suggestions and input for playing and dancing together, while looking for new ways together with you.

15.09.2023 19:00-22:00 at Das Lot, Vienna 

  • Free entry for everybody
  • Bring your instruments [piano drums and amplifiers are there

Let us know if you’re coming: tickets@lot.wien






ALBUM, the muse at work 

October 12th-15th 2023 at brut 

* Premiere is on October 12th,2023 at Studio Brut







Tickets can be purchased from the Brut website


Ticket Sale Date: September 20, 2023