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Public Moves Workshop Of(f) Rhythm by Naïma Mazic / ImPulsTanz 

26.7., 18:30–19:45
MuseumsQuartier in front of the main entrance
Reservation start 25.7., 10:00

for free

for everybody

just sign up

Kultursommer Vienna

Naima’s dream, little steps- Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar

5. August 2022 / 20:00―21:00 14. Muthsamgasse
6. August 2022 / 20:00―21:00 20. Mortarapark

free entrance

mani froh


HEAR & NOW*, danced Jazztunes

Naïma Mazic & Golnar Shahyar

7. September 2022 @ 19:00

10 – 15 Euro


Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin

Cabaret Catatonique:
Dust to Dust

is composed of five musicians, a writer,a choreographer/dancer
and a visual artist

14.09. Volos, Palia Ilektriki Theater, Greece
15.09. Larisa, MPArt (Mill of Performing Arts), Greece
Supported by the Volos Festival & Mylos Performance Arts Larisa

with Naïma Mazic, Evi Filippou, Maria Filippou, Natalia Manta, Lara Alarcón, Felix Hauptmann, Robert Lucaciu and Argenté

Ensemble uBu  – Mutants of Music
with a piece by Naïma Mazic

Piano Trio & Dance

Shows September 2022
23.09. LAB Frankfurt
25.09. & 26.09. Tanzfaktur Cologne
30.09. Resonanzraum Hamburg

Choreographic / Movement Advise for Maria Coma VOCAL ROOTS


PoLy-Mirrors concert/ jazzclub version 
Lucie Piot, Naïma Mazić, Felix Hauptmann & Evi Filippou
21st of November Loft Cologne

picture by Christine Miess

PoLy-Mirrors /a re-performance of feminine diagonals will finally celebrate its Austrian Premiere from 13th-15th of January, 20:00 at brut nordwest Vienna!!

14th of January: Talk of the Artists after the Show


Concept & Choreography Naïma Mazic Choreographic/ Dramaturgical Assistance Fergus Johnson Musical Composition Elias Stemeseder Dance Yuika Hashimoto & Lucie Piot Synthesizer, M-Claviton Georg Vogel Percussion,Drums, Vibraphone und Mirrors Evi Filippou Visdual Art / Stage Design Lola Drubigny Costumes Maël Blau Dramaturgy Sara Ostertag  Intern Camilla Gerstner Assistant Christine Kern Mentoring Alain Franco, Robyn Schulkowsky & Marcela Giesche Production more2rhythm/ Naïma Mazic

A co-production of Naïma Mazic / n ï m company and imagetanz / brut Wien. With the kind support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna MA7, BMKÖS, ACTOUT, ÖKF Berlin.

Residencies & Research at Lake Studios Berlin, ImPulsTanz, DOCK11 Eden***** Berlin, D.ID Dance Identity, workspace Brussels, Le Regard du Cygne, La Ménagerie de Verre.



will be shown at the 45th LEIPZIGER JAZZTAGE  ✩BODY TIME✩!!!!

on 9th of October 2021, 19:30 at the theatre Schauspiel Leipzig. Get your tickets now! 🙂 and check out this great interdisciplinary Jazzfestival.


5th of October Workshop by Naïma Mazic & Haggai Cohen-Milo with a performance of the students at 18:30 at Schaubühne Lindenfels

6th of October exhibition of the film PoLy-Mirrors by Naïma Mazic & Alaa Alkurdi at Altes Stadtbad

PoLy-Mirrors / a re-performance of feminine diagonals

Naïma Mazic & Haggai Cohen-Milo »of(f) rhythm«





a piece by Naïma Mazic

with music by Elias Stemeseder

Premiere: January 2022 @ brut nordwest, Vienna

Concept & Choreography: Naïma Mazic
Composition & Musical director: Elias Stemeseder
Performance/ Dance: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart and Amie Jammeh
Cembalo, Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes: Elias Stemeseder
Vibraphone, Percussion, Mirrors: Evi Filippou

PoLy-Mirrors is opening up slanted looks, tilted heads, tangent necks, twisted bodies. Two dancers and two (jazz-) musicians communicate through a shared rhythmic vernacular, allowing to disrupt straightness, leaning into queerness. They perform a polyrhythmic glissando into a diagonal feminine state of being, asking:  (How) do diagonals – created between and by body parts – perform femininity?
Together with Elias Stemeseder, Evi Filippou, Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart and Amie Jammeh, choreographer Naïma Mazic wants to reclaim and re-signify the gestures of feminine diagonals. To embody them, to own and transform them, by giving them the chance to perform through any()body and to re-orient our lines of sight across identity.
In PoLy-Mirrors, the visual artist Lola Drubigny is creating a space for reflections of gender and a place for the mirroring of dance and music. Within this room, one subject is fixed, the other takes off, orbiting in circles and emerging into queerness. PoLy-Mirrors questions an imposition of diagonal lines on the female body throughout art history until today, that might represent the projection, eroticization and fetishization of a desired strangeness, a mystified seductiveness into a ritual of submission.

PoLy-Mirrors at DOCK 11 EDEN*****


OPEN Rehearsal- 19th of January-  VIMEO LIVESTREAM 

12:00-14:00 & 15:00-18:00

feel free to drop in and out as you like

after the stream, at 18.15h, we want to invite you to meet the artists via ZOOM
PM Lola Drubigny / Frederik Vogel
PM Lola Drubigny / Frederik Vogel


!!n ï m company in Vienna!!

THE CHANGING SAME at Wien dreht auf! Kultursommer Wien 2020

31st of July Kaiserwiese ,8 PM

1st of August Muthsamgasse 1, 7:30 PM

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PREMIERE OF PoLy-FleXion and more at Online Living Away Fest New York 20th-26th of July 2020

FILM will be presented Online July 20th-26th 202, www.livingaway.org


by Naïma Mazic (Concept, Choreography) and Daniel Rodier (Music, Editing)


we are ready to perform it again.

Maria Grand & Naïma Mazic

Duo Performance at Spectrum in Brooklyn

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n ï m company is currently working on


Premiere NOVEMBER 2020

by Naïma Mazic with Vincent Pongracz , Lola Drubigny, Margaux- Marielle Trèhoüart and Kelvin Kilonzo 

( TURBO Residency ImPulsTanz Festival 2019

Residency at WorkSpace Brussels)

PoLy-Mirrors / Naïma Mazic

PoLy-Mirrors / Naïma Mazic / Vincent Pongracz


Trailer & Tour dates available soon

©infectious by nim / Keren Kraizer
©infectious by nim / Keren Kraizer

  ©infectious n ï m compnay / pictures by Anja Beutler