Pauline Stöhr

n ï m 

Pauline Stöhr is part of the n ï m company since 2018. Her first piece was PoLy-Mirrors.

She is now based in Berlin.

Personal Data

Place of Birth: Jena, Germany

Date of Birth: 7th of April, 1993


2010 – 2015     Conservatory Vienna

2012 – 2013     University for Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt  (Erasmus program)

2004 – 2010     Palucca School Dresden


  • SCULPTURES by Ivo Dimchev, dancer at residency program
  • Secession Vienna, “Seismic session” by Doris Uhlich, dancer at residency program
  • Willner Brauerei Berlin, “SYNTAGMA” by Annelie Andre, dancer at residency program
  • Tanztheater Münster, “Romeo und Julia” by H. H. Paar, guest contract
  • Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom, “Balthazar” by Nikolaus Adler, dancer at residency program
  • Tanztheater Münster, “Gefangen” by Hans Henning Paar, guest contract
  • Trisha Brown Company under Shelley Senter, “Set and Reset”, dancer at residency program
  •  “Swanlake Remixed” by Liz King (remade by Esther Balfe), dancer at residency program
  •  “Energetic Bodies” by Doris Uhlich, dancer at residency program
  • Lange Nacht des Tanzes in Bleiburg, Austria, “Golden Jumpers” by Anton Lachky, dancer at residency program
  • Kunsthaus Graz, “I Wanna” by Christina Medina, dancer at residency program



  • danceWEB, Vienna 2017 with Doris Uhlich as mentor
  • 2nd place at the Tanzolymp Berlin 2009, contemporary section



  • Working with Scores, taught by Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic
  • “More than naked”, taught by Doris Uhlich
  • Social Choreography, taught by Michael Klien
  • “Drumming” by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, taught by Tale Dolven
  • “Enemy In The Figure” by William Forsythe, taught by Ana Katalina Roman
  • Classes, taught by Russel Maliphant
  • James Wilton Dance Company workshop
  • Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, taught by Tamas Moricz