Judith Ferstl

n ï m


Judith Ferstl is part of the company n ï m since 2016. She has been performing and developing in HOME, Sharing HOME in Vienna and Sharing HOME at CAB.

Judith Ferstl (*1989) grew up in Wiener Neustadt in Austria and is based in Vienna since 2008. She is a bass player and composer and can be heard in various formations working with different styles of music.

The main focus of Judith lies on improvised music and Jazz, like in her bands „chuffDRONE“, “Klangzeugorchester”, “klio” and „TREEOO“, where original compositions of all band members are played.

She plays in small formations like a duo with singer/guitar player Lucia Leena (”juneberry”) , as well as in bigger ensembles like the sextet ”Gnigler” with two saxophones, trumpet, violin, drums and bass.

After winning two main prizes at the „Fidelio“-competition in with „TREEOO“ and „masq“, Judith Ferstl won the „BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award“ with the band „chuffDRONE“ and with “Gnigler”. 2014 she was nominated as jury member for the second edition of this Newcomer Award in Austria.

Judith Ferstl finished her studies at the Conservatory of Vienna. She did an Erasmus exchange semester at the „Royal College of Music“ in Stockholm where she started a band with Swedish musicians and played at the „New Sound Made Festival“ in Stockholm in 2012.

Judith continued her pedadogical studies at „Bruckner Universität“ Linz, with Peter Herbert, and got her degree in 2014. Judith Ferstl works as a music teacher for double bass, ear training and music theory.