Filipa Botelho

n ï m

Filipa Botelho is part of the n ï m company since 2016. She developed and presented the pieces Sharing HOME in Vienna, Sharing HOME at CAB, PoLy’s Pulse and PoLy-Mirrors.

Filipa Botelho was born in Portugal and is now based in Brussels. She is a clarinetist specializing on contemporary repertoire. She concentrates her research in the field of theatre and musical performance.

Filipa is exploring the relationship between body and sound and adding movement to her performances of musical works.

In June 2017 she created and presented Paraphrase, Study # 1, a piece where the sound and movement equally inform the creative process from beginning to end.

Recently she co-founded Down the Rabbit Hole, a music collective oriented towards the latest developments in contemporary musical creation, especially those involving new modes of presentation.