2022 PoLy-Mirrors/ a re-performance of feminine diagonals

2022 PoLy-Mirrors/ a re-performance of feminine diagonals

PoLy-Mirrors concert/ jazzclub version 
Lucie Piot, Naïma Mazić, Felix Hauptmann & Evi Filippou
21st of November, 20:30 at Loft Cologne


Concept & Choreography Naïma Mazic

 Musical Composition Elias Stemeseder

Dance Yuika Hashimoto & Lucie Piot

 Synthesizer, Keys Felix Hauptmann

Percussion,Drums, Vibraphone und Mirrors Evi Filippou

Stage Design Lola Drubigny

Costumes Maël Blau

Dramaturgy Sara Ostertag

Dramaturgical Assistance Fergus Johnson

 Assistant Christine Kern

Mentoring Alain Franco, Robyn Schulkowsky & Marcela Giesche

Production more2rhythm/ Naïma Mazic

A co-production of Naïma Mazic / n ï m company and imagetanz / brut Wien. With the kind support of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport., ACTOUT, ÖKF Berlin.

Residencies & Research at Lake Studios Berlin, ImPulsTanz, DOCK11 Eden***** Berlin, D.ID Dance Identity, workspace Brussels, Le Regard du Cygne, La Ménagerie de Verre.


{A glissando into a} {Feminine diagonal} {State of being}

Look at me.
Don’t look at me.
Look diagonally to the top right corner.
Tilt your head.
Imagine a diagonal line between your right shoulder and your left hip.
Create the largest possible distance between them.
Change the position of your eyes.
Show me your neck.
In PoLy-Mirrors /a re-performance of feminine diagonals, choreographer Naïma Mazic brought slanted looks, tilted heads, tangent necks, twisted bodies into movement. Two dancers and two jazz musicians communicate through a shared rhythmic vernacular, disrupting straight lines, looks, bodies.

Dancers Yuika Hashimoto and Lucie Piot, Evi Filippou on percussion/vibraphone and Felix Kaufmann on synthesizer and keys perform a polyrhythmic glissando into a diagonal feminine state of being, questioning an imposition of diagonal lines on the female body, leading from a projection, eroticization and fetishization of a desired strangeness, a mystified seductiveness into a ritual of submission. The rhythm is based on the menstruation cycle, the choreographic material derives from paintings, sculptures and images representing an ideal of the feminine- from the figure of the virgin Mary, European renaissance Art until today. In PoLy-Mirrors, the visual artist Lola Drubigny is creating a space for reflections of gender and a place for the mirroring of dance and music. Within this room, one subject is fixed, the other takes off, orbiting in circles and emerging into queerness.

Together, n ï m company is facing and playing with the “dance of contempt” of patriarchal masculinity by reclaiming and re-signifying gestures of feminine diagonals.

brut Vienna


Austrian Premiere from 13th-15th of January, 20:00 at brut nordwest Vienna

14th of January: Talk of the Artists after the Show




Press Review: https://www.diepresse.com/6085739/poly-mirrors-feminine-jamsession-mit-tanz-performance


Video Installation “PoLy-Mirrors” by Naïma Mazic & Alaa Alkurdi at brut 

Film installation PoLy-Mirrors

Concept & Direction Alaa Alkurdi & Naïma Mazic

Choreography Naïma Mazic

Cinematography Alaa Alkurdi

 Performer Naïma Mazic

Composition and piano Elias Stemeseder

 M-Claviton (Naima by John Coltrane) Georg Vogel Costume Maël Blau

Make Up / Hair / Assistance Christine Kern Production more2rhythm

Supported by „von der Bühne zum Video“ of the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport, ÖKF Paris, brut Wien
Filming locations PAF Performing Arts Forum, Jazz & Musicclub Porgy & Bess Vienna

pictures by Alaa Alkurdi

picture by Hanna Naske