Interview with Naïma Mazic by Arianna Alfreds / Music Export Austria: 




13th of May, 14:30-16:00 Workshop OF(F) RHYTHM at Bears in the Park VIENNA

16th of June, 19:00 at SOUNDANCE FESTIVAL BERLIN: Duo ROOTING by Maria Coma (Music) & Naïma Mazic (Dance)

Composer/ singer Maria Coma and choreographer/ dancer Naïma Mazic are uncovering shared roots in their first few encounters for soundance festival being in concert with each other. Naïma has been developing pathways for dancers and musicians to think and communicate through a common polyrhythmic melodic language and Maria’s seeds for „Rooting“ are her most recent compositions that emerge via the human body as the instrument and the origin of musicality, particularly the voice. The touch might happen entangled or untangled, their individual roots crossing in the same soil and breaths. In this duet, each moment something will be planted in the field of the unknown. Another way to improvise under the moon.

23rd of June, 19:30 at 10 years LAKEStudios Festival Berlin: work-in-progress showing of ALBUM 

ALBUM is a research and a performance by one dancer, one musician and a record player, based on 9 songs named after wives and lovers of musicians or written by female jazz musicians. Each a place of encounter –  played, danced and/or listened to. Each tune is informed by one of the 9 muses from Greek mythology, questioning the figure of the muse within patriarchal utilization of reproductive and value generating labor. What happens to the figure of the muse when she is being celebrated as an active subject instead of a passive source of inspiration? One can hear a history of displacement, of labor and self-fragmentation within the polyrhythmic black american music. How can we listen closer? The piece is framed by the dramaturgy of an album: each tune occurring in different times and spaces. 

Also at the Festival :


2nd of July: HEAR & NOW* Jam Session for dancers and (jazz-) musicians

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PREMIER OF ALBUM at brut Studio Vienna: 12th – 15th of October