Workshops & HEAR & NOW* play sessions

Workshops & HEAR & NOW* play sessions


Master Class // Workshop // Research Project

My Research Is A Jazz Tune.

Form: A B C A

Mode: A position of trust

Tempo: ♩ = Let yourself be surprised by the results

I grew up surrounded by jazz musicians and have since been driven to find ways and methods for musicians and dancers to think and communicate with each other through focusing on rhythm- to find out what is and isn’t common, what the distinct natures are and how we can work within that. I translate tools of jazz music, its structures of improvisation within form, its polyrhythms, melodies, odd meters and scores of tunes into dance and choreography. Embodying the music and its spirit and becoming another independent voice and partner for conversation.

HEAR & NOW* play sessions

task based improvisation evenings for dancers & jazz/creative improvising musicians

*Album by Don Cherry

With her n ï m company, dancer/choreographer Naïma Mazic focuses on polyrhythmic communications between dancers and (jazz) musicians. Attuning to bodies and sounds and inviting rhythmical tools and structural elements of jazz music into dance, a lively and thoughtful space is created for improvising together. Naïma will open with an introductory workshop presenting methods and ideas that she has established with her n ï m company, and will then guide an exploratory jam session offering suggestions and input for playing and dancing together — all while finding new ways of collective movement and music making with you!

Next HEAR & NOW* play sessions :

at LAKE Studios Berlin

V.7 Sunday 01.03, 19:00-21:00

V.8 Sunday 24.03. 17:30-19:30

V.9 Friday 19.04. 19:00-21:00

led by Naïma Mazic and Evi Filippou drums/vibes 

donation based, min. 3€

further info and sign up: 

Bring your instruments and music making tools — a PA system, drum set and piano will be provided.



Vienna, 22.02.2024:


NEXT HEAR & NOW* PLAYSESSION for dancers & jazz/ creative improvising musicians:

15.12.2023, 19:00-21:00 at LAKE Studios Berlin


13th of May, 16:30-18:00: Workshop OF(F) RHYTHM at Bears in the park VIENNA

10 years LAKEStudios Festival:

23rd of June, 10:00 : Workshop of(f) Rhythm, Naïma Mazic & Evi Filippou

2nd of July: HEAR & NOW* Jam Session BERLIN for dancers and (jazz-) musicians


Sign up at more2rhythm(at)




7th of May 18:00-21:00: HEAR & NOW* Jam Session VIENNA for dancers and (jazz-) musicians

at Jazz & Musicclub Porgy&Bess

Sign up at more2rhythm(at)




Public Moves Workshop Of(f) Rhythm by Naïma Mazic / ImPulsTanz 

26.7., 18:30–19:45
MuseumsQuartier in front of the main entrance
Reservation start 25.7., 10:00

for free

for everybody

just sign up


NEXT WORKSHOP!!!! 5th of October 2021 at the 45th LEIPZIGER JAZZTAGE *BODY TIME* with a Performance afterwards at 18:30 

Naïma Mazic & Haggai Cohen-Milo »of(f) rhythm«


Beats, Offbeats, Triplets, Polyrhythms– dancer and choreographer Naïma Mazic has been working intensively for years on the exchange between dancers and musicians. Together with composer and musician Haggai Cohen-Milo they have been researching on how jazz musicians and dancers can communicate through rhythm and developed a workshop together.

This class will allow the participants to experience the possible versatility of rhythm in dance, and how it can function as it is does in Jazz music. The warm-up of Naïma Mazic will give an insight into the world of House and Swing Dance and Haggai will be guiding with his double bass.

Naïma Mazic developed the Workshop/ Master Class OF(F) RHYTHM from her research over the last years in collaboration with the Jazz Musician Haggai Cohen-Milo. Together they have been teaching in various cities and are constantly refining their teaching methods. The Workshop is open for dancers and musicians and focuses on the transdisciplinary work between dance and music, between tools of contemporary dance and those of Jazz.

nim ImPulstanz WS2019
nim ImPulstanz WS2019



OF(F) Rhythm Workshops/Master Classes took place in: 

Vienna, ImPulsTanz

Hamburg, K3 Tanzplan

Paris, CND

New York, Mark Morris Dance Center

Berlin, KULE

Havanna, Fábrica del Arte

Brussels, P.A.R.T.S

Tel Aviv


The work is mostly based on rhythm:

Naïma: “More and more I understood how important it is for dancers to have control over the rhythmic grid and therefore to not only be a follower of the music, but also to become a leader. We need to go away from automatization and tendencies, especially towards the 8 count, therefore being able to open up to uncommon and overlapping meters and rhythms in dance. This raised the question: How can the pulse and the responsibility for the pulse be shared between dancers and musicians?”

infectious / Helga Danek
infectious / Helga Danek