Master Class & Workshop


for Dancers


Dancers & Musicians

by Naïma Mazic

and / or

Naïma Mazic & Haggai Cohen-Milo


Naïma Mazic developed the Workshop/ Master Class OF(F) RHYTHM from her research over the last years in collaboration with the Jazz Musician Haggai Cohen-Milo. Together they have been teaching in various cities and are constantly refining their teaching methods. The Workshop is open for dancers and musicians and focuses on the transdisciplinary work between dance and music, between tools of contemporary dance and those of Jazz.


OF(F) Rhythm Workshops/Master Classes took place in: 

Hamburg, K3 Tanzplan

Paris, CND

New York, Mark Morris Dance Center

Berlin, KULE

Havanna, Fábrica del Arte

Brussels, P.A.R.T.S

Tel Aviv


The work is mostly based on rhythm:

Naïma: “More and more I understood how important it is for dancers to have control over the rhythmic grid and therefore to not only be a follower of the music, but also to become a leader. We need to go away from automatization and tendencies, especially towards the 8 count, therefore being able to open up to uncommon and overlapping meters and rhythms in dance. This raised the question: How can the pulse and the responsibility for the pulse be shared between dancers and musicians?”

infectious / Helga Danek
infectious / Helga Danek