Naïma Mazic

n ï m 

(Vienna/Hamburg) founded the n ï m company and associtation more2rhythm in 2016. She has been resident choreographer at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg/Kampnagel, has an MA in Performance Studies from NYU TISCH and studied at P.A.R.T.S., the Reykjavik Academy of Arts, at MUK/ Conservatory Vienna and was part of the HipHop Continuum at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and ImPulstanz DanceWeb15. She has worked with choreographers/ directors
 Alix Eynaudi, Doris Uhlich, Talia DeVries, Volker Schmidt (Wiener Festwochen), Erna Ómarsdottir/ Shalala Company, Athina Tsangari (Salzburger Festspiele),… With a background in house dance and Bgirling, Naïma concentrates on the communication between dancers of different backgrounds and (jazz) musicians. Her work is based on tools of jazz music, replenished by sensuality. Currently Naïma is conducting a research on the femininity of jazz music and directing music videos for musicians. She is an evening manager at the Jazz- & Musicclub Porgy & Bess since 2011. Mazic developed and showed her work in Havana, Paris, Pamplona, New York, Kolkata, Vienna, Brussels, Hamburg,…with residencies at workSpaceBrussles, ImPulsTanz, Menagerie de Verre,…and developed the workshop «OF(F) Rhythm» based on her own research. Her most recent performance took place at Judson Church NYC and a next premier will be at brut Vienna 2021.


Performances & Choreographic works:

n ï m company

PoLy-Mirrors, a -reperformance of feminine diagonalscoproduction with brut Vienna at imagetanz Festival 2021

PoLy-Flexion, a re-performance of feminine diagonalsFILM will be screened at LIVING AWAY FEST NY, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg Online Magazine and NYU Tisch School of the Arts

THE CHANGING SAME at Kultursommer Wien and Judson Church NYC

infectious at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg / Kampnagel 

PoLy-Mirrors at Le Regard du Cygne in Paris and at Cas-Co in Leuven

Duo at Jazz & Musicclub Porgy & Bess in Vienna

Sharing HOME at the Contemporary Art Gallery Brussels & the Vienna Art Week 2016

abierta   at Centro Coreografico de La Gomera, at Projection Room in Brussels and at the Museo de la Universidad de Nevarra

PoLy’s PuLse at P.A.R.T.S. and at SMOG Projection Room Brussels

HOME at el cierbo encantado & Fábrica del Arte, Havana, Cuba


Choreographic Assistant- Salzburger Festspiele 2017, production Lulu by Athina Rachel Tsangari

OF(F) Rhythm Master Class & Performance with Haggai-Cohen Milo at NYC Mark Morris Dance Center & Arts on Site

FIGURES 3 by Talia de Vries Dance Rooms Festival 2016 Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, BUDA Kortrijk

Internship with Alix Eynaudi & Erna Ómarsdottir

Dance education with Doris Uhlich


©Mani Froh
©Mani Froh