Naïma Mazic is, together with Reut Shemesh and Patricia Carolin Mai, one of the three resident choreographers 18/19 at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg

Thies Raetzke_K3_
Thies Raetzke_K3_

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Concept & Choreography: Naïma Mazic
Dancers: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Cat Paz Jimenez & Franklyn Kakyire
Choreographic Assistance: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart
Musical Director: Haggai Cohen-Milo
Music & Composition: Haggai Cohen-Milo & Mateo Lugo
Musicians: Haggai Cohen-Milo (bass), Mateo Lugo (guitar) & Mareike Wiening (drums)
Stage/Costumes: Anton von Bredow, Assistance by Lili Avar
Mentoring: Anne Kersting, Matthias Quabbe, Alain Franco & Robyn Schulkowsky
Outside Eye / Inside Ear: Anaïs Mazic, Keren Kraizer and Vincent Jonsson
produced by: K3 Tanzplan Hamburg & n ï m company /more2rhythm
supported by: BKA Austria, ÖKF Berlin, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

© infectious n ï m company / pictures by Anja Beutler

Furthermore, the n ï m company is currently working on 


Residency at WorkSpace Brussels 20.05.19-24.05.19 (les Brigittines)

with Naïma Mazic, Vincent Pongracz and Lola Drubigny

©Viktor Sekularac/n ï m
©V.Sekularac/n ï m
©Viktor Sekularac/n ï m
V. Sekularac/n ï m ©

Short film: 377

Kolkatta, India from 2015 – remade

Naïma in New York 2018

© nim
© nim
©Marit Wolters
©Marit Wolters