New Release Nov. 2020 : 

Musikvideo of TOYTOY – choreography and concept by Naïma Mazic, performed by Franklyn Slunch Kakyire


n ï m company is currently in residence at the Lake Studios Berlin  – working on the new piece


by Naïma Mazic

with music by Elias Stemeseder

Premier: 18th of March 2021 at brut imagetanz Festival Vienna!

 with Lola Drubigny, Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Kelvin Kilonzo, Evi Filipou

Intern: Lucie Piot


by Lola Drubigbny
n ï m by Lola Drubigny
n ï m by Lola Drubigny


PoLy-Mirrors by n ï m 2019

PoLy-Mirrors residences at La Menagerie der Verre, ImPulsTanz 2019 & workspacebrussels 2019

Our latest works

infectious, Hamburg K3 Tanzplan/ Kampnagel



THE CHANGING SAME at Kultursommer Vienna, Summer 2020



Naïma choreographed the new Music Video of singer and musician Lia Pale. Out now:


PREMIERE OF PoLy-FleXion and more at Living Away Fest New York 20th-26th of July 2020

23rd of July at 3 PM NY time- 9 PM Austria live performance

PoLy-Flexion online 23rd-26th of July

 FILM will be presented July 2020

What would a diagonal poem be?

Audio written and recorded by Naïma Mazic:


by Naïma Mazic (Concept, Choreography) and Daniel Rodier (Music, Editing)

n ï m company performed in New York City March 2020

with movement research at Judson Church NY


nim company at judson church
nim company at judson church

A conversation of dancers and jazz musicians based on a shared polyrhythmical language. “Music is the making of the music.” (Fred Moten)

Naïma Mazic (dance/choreography), Jungle (dance), Gabriella Burdsall (dance), Vinicius Gomes (guitar/music), Lukas Akintaya (percussion/music), William Ruiz-Morales (dramaturgical advice), Research: Haggai Cohen-Milo, Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart & the team of infectious


THE NEW TRAILER OF—-> infectious 

©n ï m company/ Anja Beutler/ infectious

What does it take for dance and jazz music to be folding in love again, today? 3 dancers and 3 jazz musicians attempt to get closer by sharing the same polyrhythmic language.

House dancers, contemporary dancers and jazz music infect each other and anybody who is watching through the immediate corporal tension of the pulsating uneven rhythms, whose embodiment gives breath to the groove which spreads from all sides, at every angle, to every degree. Dancers realize an unfamiliar improvisational independency and musicians learn how to see, touch and hear dance.

infectious is how you join the conversation that jazz has always been speaking, the cypher which has always meant everything and nothing.

 (written by Naïma Mazic and Is Ali)


A polyrhythmical study by Naïma Mazic

Now also on the wonderful website of Pascal Michon RHUTHMOS

Maria Grand & Naïma Mazic

Duo Performance at Spectrum in Brooklyn

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newest creation


Concept & Choreography: Naïma Mazic
Dancers: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Cat Paz Jimenez & Franklyn Kakyire
Choreographic Assistance: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart
Musical Director: Haggai Cohen-Milo
Music & Composition: Haggai Cohen-Milo & Mateo Lugo
Musicians: Haggai Cohen-Milo (bass), Mateo Lugo (guitar) & Mareike Wiening (drums)
Stage/Costumes: Anton von Bredow, Assistance by Lili Avar
Mentoring: Anne Kersting, Matthias Quabbe, Alain Franco & Robyn Schulkowsky
Outside Eye / Inside Ear: Anaïs Mazic, Keren Kraizer and Vincent Jonsson
produced by: K3 Tanzplan Hamburg & n ï m company /more2rhythm
supported by: BKA Austria, ÖKF Berlin, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

© infectious n ï m company / pictures by Anja Beutler

Short film: 377

Kolkatta, India from 2015 – remade

Naïma in New York 2018

© nim
© nim
©Marit Wolters
©Marit Wolters